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Fic: Instructions for Defrost

Title: Instructions for Defrost
Author: swing_set
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: A wee gen piece of Lestrade Donovan interation that came into my head after A Study in Pink.

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Aug. 9th, 2010

Hello! I have added various people from the Socially Awkward Picnic, at which I wore a pink top and drank wine and flailed wildly at various people, mostly when discussing Sherlock/Poirot/Star Trek/whipping people.

Don't have very good internet where we're staying so I've got to flee, but hello and stuff anyway. I owe various people various recs of awesome in various fandoms. Hope I can remember them all.



There's meme in them there hills! And it's an awesome one. :D It's about the id, and how it may peep up in an author's fic revealing things about them.
I'm over here!

(And because I am fascinated by other people's experiences of writing and reading and analysing I'd love to see loads of people do this one. I think it'd be so incredibly interesting. Also my icon is just because I feel brilliant today. Hand me an alligator! I shall wrestle it!)


F-list Cut

Have sheared my flist a bit, just due to time considerations really. I wish you all luck - hope only good things happen for you all.
Wherever I am, cups and glasses accumulate. Right now on the table beside me are four: a half-cup of coffee, a full glass of water, a cup of restorative soup (tomato), and one empty orphan which a few hours ago held tea.

I drink them all at once, or alternate between them, and it's never struck me as peculiar until now, when I realised this need to have two or three different kinds of liquid within arm's reach might look a little bit odd.

Then I started wondering about other people's small oddnesses.

Tell me one of your little peculiarities, flist. Anon is on, so you can comment like that if you like.


Flist Cut

Hey everyone!

I've cut my flist today by quite a few people, all lovely people who I very much like and respect. I haven't cut anyone because of negative experiences with them, so if you've been cut please don't be upset, I'm just cutting people who I don't talk much with/don't know very well/don't update much.

I suppose it's because I'm moving soon and have half my stuff in boxes or little piles to be given away that I feel the need to "clean house", make my flist a little smaller and easier to manage. Any of you are welcome in my journal any time, and I wish you all the best. :)

Feed the Birds!

If you could spare a minute or two please put out a shallow dish of water and some food for the birds and other small animals who can't get anything from the ground. If you're not afraid of the hit to your street cred and you can repost this, that'd be great. :)

More info here

Commence calling me a big wet in three, two, one...
Actually, while we're on the topic of the New Year and writing...

All crit is welcome, and all of my stuff is in my memories. I don't know how I feel about the things I wrote this year, partially because it takes me a while to distance myself from what I've just written enough to work out whether I liked it or not! But in between trying new things and failing to fix some bad habits I had fun, so yay. :)


Ficlet Prompts?

Prompt me, baby. ;) Anything, anything you like.

I've turned on anon and off IP logging and you can go nuts, though I would say quite nebulous prompts work best for me. Feel free to fill the prompts yourselves too if you like, it'd be fun!


Random Anon Meme Time!

You know, for the past month I have spent much of every weekend with a blanket over my head in recovery mode. This month I am going to hopefully avoid alcohol entirely. (Though I might keep half a glass of red with my dinner as that's supposedly a good thing rather than a bad.)

And then I should maybe dig out my Pilates For Dummies dvd again. Bah, excercise. :( The worst part is, you get a bit fit after so much hard work, and then a week or two of doing nothing and you're right back to being completely unfit again. God I hate excercising. "Working out" is boring, mindless, repetitive, embarrassing, sweaty, cold, frustrating, difficult and ultimately unrewarding.

See now cycling, for example - cycling has a point! You are going from point A to point B and it is fun and it feels good, but team sports are awful and vile and workouts are embarrassing and vile and running is boring and vile and... *grumble grumble vile grumble* Oh well. I suppose it is a necessary evil.

And now for a random anon meme. :)
Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me about your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me anything. Tell me what you really think of me or yourself. Anything.

IP logging is off. Post anonymously. Speak honestly. Post as many times as you like.